GDS Appointed Judges


Gillian has been making dolls and teaching doll making for 30 years. She studied initially in the U.S.A. and has been a member of the GDS for 29 years.

She teaches all aspects of doll making from reproduction antique and modern dolls to original doll making, sculpting and mould making.  She also teaches all types of costuming and is a GDS 3 Star teacher.

She has won many international awards including the prestigious Chateau de la Poupee trophy in 1996 and became a GDS Platinum Doll Maker in 1999.

She has been a leading figure in the GDS for over 20 years and is the Head Judge and Competition Director, Teacher Coordinator and Central committee member as well as an event organiser.


Brigitte began doll making as a hobby in 1985 and in 1988 she made her favourite pastime her profession. She teaches the art of doll making in her studio with courses for beginners and special project courses.

Brigitte speciality is the reproduction of antique porcelain dolls. She also writes articles and Project instructions for magazines.

Brigitte has won many International awards and is a GDS Diamond doll maker and Coleman Trophy winner.
3 star teacher since 2010.


Berni began making clay sculptures and contemporary doll art in the early nineties.  She took Part in an International competition and received an award and that was the beginning of her career. She now only creates china dolls, giving them a natural expression and human proportions. She is now making figure object art.

Berni gives presentations and exhibits her dolls and objects around the world.

She has won many International awards including the Max Oscar Arnold award on many occasions and is a GDS Diamond doll maker and winner of the Matthias Wanke Cup.


Christine became interested in dolls in 1991. Since then doll making has been a very worthwhile past time allowing her to stretch her artistic and dressmaking skills.

Over the years she has entered dolls into competition at International level and has won many top awards with Aral, Doll Artisan Guild and the GDS and became a Diamond doll maker in 2005. 


Rosemarie studied at the Art School in Bern and is the co-owner founder of Intrex creaktiv AG. In 1978 she changed her career from being a Fashion House art director to designing and manufacturing porcelain dolls. She annually holds seminars in Aigues-Mortes (Camargue).

Rosemarie became a GDS 3 Star teacher in 2010 and founded the Swiss Doll Fans Chapter. Together with Chapter members they actively attend International Conventions.

Rosemarie is a Doll Artisan Guild Instructor and DAG Master of Doll Making Educator and has been awarded the “DAG Triple Crown”


Ute began doll making in 1987 and between 1989 and 1993 she gained 15 awards. She became a GDS 3 Star teacher in 1993.

Ute has taught in several High Schools and runs seminars for both Antique and  Modern dolls at her studio. In previous years she ran seminars with Carol Ann Stanton and since 1999 she has designed and produced antique accessories for Hildegard Gunzel.

Ute achieved her Platinum award in 1999. 


Gabriele has been a member of the GDS in 1984 and in that time she became a 3 Star teacher in 1993 and has achieved Platinum status  in 1999. She began making Art dolls in 1992 and has won several National and International prizes  for  both Antique Reproduction and Art dolls.

Since 1990 Gabriele has been an editor and photographer for several magazines.


Martha has been a member of the GDS since 1997 and is a 3 Star teacher. In 1999 she founded the Das Kahlgrund Chapter.

Martha has won many awards and in Copenhagen in 2001 she was the winner of the Matthias Wanke Trophy.

In 2004 she was appointed a GDS Judge.


Monika attended her first doll making seminar with Astry Campbell at Wanke in 1986 and became at member of the GDS at the same time. More seminars with Brigitte Duval and Jane Davis followed completing her experience in artist doll making.
Monika has won seven Gold’s and several Silver and Bronze Prizes and in 2002 was appointed a Judge for the GDS.


I began as an instructor in china painting in 1974, Norwegian decoration, Meissner technique, American Square shading and portrait painting on china. I also attended Handcraft School to master the arts of dressmaking, costuming and heirloom sewing. I began doll making in 1984.
I competed in the G.D.S from 1987 until 1994. In 1992 I became a 3 star teacher and a “board member” for the G.D.S. representing Norway.  I have been a G.D.S judge since 1995.
I am also a member of D.A.G. and a Master and  Grand Master of doll making. I judged for D.A.G. in 1992-93.

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Always interested in various forms of arts and crafts, especially needlecraft Kim began doll making at evening classes in the 1980’s and joined the GDS in 1992.
Kim was introduced to the GEM system in 1997, and began competing at both Regional and International events.
She gained her Classic Diamond Award in 2007 and her Modern Diamond award in 2011 and became a Platinum doll maker in 2012.
She was awarded the Matthias Wanke Cup in 2009 and was appointed a judge in 2012.