The GDS GEM Awards System
The System progresses through Sapphire, Ruby, Modern Emerald, Classic Emerald, Modern Diamond, Classic Diamond and ultimately Platinum.
Members do not need to enter competition to achieve Sappphire and Ruby, these can be awarded by 2* and 3* Teachers.
Members do need to enter International competition to achieve Emerald, Diamond and Platinum.

Sapphire Awards - These cover a range of dollmaking skills from basic to advanced. These skills are the building blocks of a top class dollmaker. Sapphires can be awarded at seminars and at doll appraisal sessions.See the details below for the subject and level of teacher needed to make the awards

Cerificate or .Rosette of dollmaking Achievement
Rosettes of dollmaking achievemnet are awarded incompettition for dolls that were amongst the judges final selection but failed to secure a place.
Certificates of dollmaking achievement can be awarded by 3* teachers for a doll they consider to be of competition winning quality, this may be at the end of a seminar or during a doll appraisal.

Ruby - To achieve a Ruby:
secure 10 Sapphires and a certificate or Rosette of dollmaking achievement
3 bronze prizes in competition and a certificate or rosette of dollmaking achievemnet award

The Ruby award only needs to be achieved once.
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